le bulletin de Noël

Nothing major here, I just wanted to send everyone a quick note of tidings of all the merriment you can muster today. I talked to my mom on the phone for a while. “So this is Christmas”, indeed.

Several of you out there responded very warmly to my initial letter, which was very nice. I know it was long and a bit dark. I can’t promise I’ll make it any lighter in the future! Especially given *gestures broadly* everything out there. But I do appreciate the feedback and love.

Personally, my merriment level is pretty low. Being isolated on Christmas sucks, frankly. On top of it, Starka has been having a pretty rough week in the health department. Everything checked out more or less fine at the vet yesterday, but she’s been very lethargic, seems a little weak, ooks very sad, and wants to be left alone. It’s a very difficult shift as she’s always been a huge cuddlebug. Just adding a real bonus level of dourness to the day.

A thing I saw somewhere on the internet today was the suggestion that even if you’re having a miserable Christmas in the middle of a miserable year, think of one thing you’re grateful for, or proud of. Just something nice in your life, even if most of the rest of it hasn’t been good. Which, hey, that kinda describes me.

Against all odds, this did end up being a pretty good year for music. Recorded music, anyway. Obviously live music has had perhaps the worst year possible. Nevertheless, even with all of the challenges artists have been beset with, a lot of delightful surprises got released in the latter portion of the year. And in the first couple of months as well.

On a more personal level, I did manage to do a couple of things with respect to overcoming my social anxieties that felt very good to have done.

So that’s a couple of things. There, I thought of them.

I hope you’re doing well. Merry Christmas, and thanks for reading.

Not especially Christmassy or anything but today’s music recommendation is the new debut full-length from the band Soft Blue Shimmer, titled Heaven Inches Away.

It’s a delightful dream poppy/shoegazey record from the Los Angeles -based trio that I’ve been listening to quite a bit the past couple of weeks. The record is being put out by local Boston label Disposable America, which is one of the top labels around, in my opinion.

Ok that’s it for today.